Mahbub & Company | A. M. MAHBUB UDDIN
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MAHBUB & COMPANY was founded and is headed by, A. M. Mahbub Uddin, Barrister-at -Law, a highly reputed and experienced lawyer of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh with right of audience before the Appellate Division, the highest court of the country.

In his two decades in the legal profession, he has acted as counsel in several high profile cases in the Supreme Court and advised many market-leading corporations in their legal affairs. Mr. Uddin represented Occidental Petroleum Corporation (USA) in its large-scale dispute with the Government of Bangladesh in 1997 and has acted as counsel for a former Prime Minister of Bangladesh and several former Ministers.

Mr. Uddin obtained degrees from the University of Dhaka and the University of Wales, Aberystwith, and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1994. He is the present Secretary-General of the Supreme Court Bar Association and an elected member of the Qualifications and Enrollment Committee of the Bangladesh Bar Council, the highest regulatory body for lawyers in the country.

He has served as a Member of Parliament during the 2008-2013 session and concurrently as a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In his time as Member of Parliament he was involved in the promulgation of a number of economically important laws such as the Competition Act, Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duties Act, Insurance Act, etc.