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Administrative and Public Law

Mahbub & Company is considered to be one of the country’s leading law firms practicing administrative and public law. Judicial review of administrative decisions is one of the biggest areas of litigation at the moment as the number of businesses requiring licenses, permits, environmental clearances and “no-objection certificates” (NOCs) are growing at a galloping rate along with the booming economy. As more and more new and dynamic innovators are coming up to tap into the 160-million strong Bangladeshi market, the collection of different rules, regulations and by-laws of different departments of government are increasing too.

Mahbub & Company is a one-stop solution centre for any business requiring advice and support in relation to compliance with government rules and regulations and obtaining required permits, licenses, etc. With a vast experience of representing clients in the administrative tribunals, e.g. VAT Tribunal, Land Tribunal, Environment Tribunal, Mahbub & Company is able to ensure that the client’s interest is protected throughout the process.


The firm’s banking practice relies heavily on both its litigation and corporate teams. The firm has immense experience in representing clients in the specialised money loan recovery courts, foreclosure proceedings, liquidation proceedings and cheque dishonour charges. The firm has advised and represented businesses in debt restructuring negotiations, most notably a consumer goods conglomerate in the past year which had loan exposure in 29 banks and non-banking financial institutions. The firm has advised the National Bank Ltd on its cross-border remittance agreements with partners in the USA, Malaysia, UAE, etc. The firm also advises The City Bank in high stake company, criminal, civil and administrative litigation cases.

Foreign Investment

Mahbub & Company is truly full service when it comes to advising foreign clients on overall regulatory regime in Bangladesh, entity structuring and supporting with setting up a business in Bangladesh. The support includes incorporation advise and support, creating “Project Profile” for approval of the Bangladesh Investment Development Board, income tax and VAT registration, investor and employee visa and work permits, trade license, fire certificate, environmental clearance certificate, factory certificate and EPZ formalities. Notably, in 2018 the firm has advised and supported Brother Corporation (Japan), Span International (India), CPP (UK) on entity structuring and incorporation of subsidiaries and UPL Limited (India) on its acquisition of a Bangladeshi company.

Real Estate

Mahbub & Company has a robust practice in the fast growing real estate industry. The firm advises real-estate developers and investors on all legal aspects of investment providing them with services of title verification, encumbrance search, permissive land use, RAJUK (Capital Development Authority) rules and regulations, effect of DAP (Detailed Area Plan) of the Government, land ceiling, zoning, and issues such as non-transferability of lands, negative covenants, environmental license and all regulatory and approval issues.

The firm advises and represents real-estate developers and land-owners in construction contracts, drafts and reviews contracts, including Powers of Attorney, for land development and creates sample Agreements for property sale to end-customers.


Mahbub & Company provides comprehensive tax advice and tax solutions to companies and groups in a wide range of industries. The firm is a one-stop destination for new companies and market entrants in obtaining income tax, VAT and Customs registration and licenses. The litigation team represents clients at all stages of tax disputes including forums of first instance, Appellate Tribunals, Review Committees and the High Court and Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court.

Labour Law and Employment

Mahbub & Company’s labour and employment law practice has flourished as there has been voluminous new legislation in the area which has made manufacturing enterprises to focus on compliance. In the past year the firm has advised PepsiCo India and Sainsbury’s on their labour law compliance and Associate Partner Saqeb Mahbub has emerged as an expert in the area. In 2017, Mahbub & Co was involved in the landmark case (..) wherein the obligations of non-profit organisations under labour law were laid down. The firm currently advises Double A, Sainsburys, Muslim Aid involving employment and labour law.

International Trade and Shipping

Mahbub & Company is a trusted name in cross-border trade advice and dispute resolution with expertise and experience in the field of cargo and L/C disputes and negotiations, export and import transactions, maritime law and disputes with customs and port authorities. The firm also advises on multi-modal transport, cross border sales and product liability, and extends its reach to importers and exporters across several industries including pharmaceuticals, ready-made garments, automobiles, etc.

Intellectual Property

The firm provides low-cost and hassle-free registration support for IP rights and is involved in various IP disputes in courts including the High Court and Supreme Court. Clients are advised on structuring, licensing, franchising, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, IP audits/Due Diligence. This year Mahbub & Company is representing Casio in a high stakes trademark dispute.

Arbitration and Litigation

The core practice of Mahbub & Company and the reason for its rise to prominence in the legal arena is the firm’s litigation practice. Head of Chambers A.M. Mahbub Uddin brings over two decades of dispute resolution experience spanning across commercial, banking, industrial, construction, environmental, labour, administrative and criminal laws. The practice includes 5 lawyers trained in the UK as Barristers and has over the years dealt with some of the biggest cases in the Supreme Court. In 2014 Mahbub & Company was on the winning side of a landmark case in corporate governance (Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder v Pubali Bank Limited, reported in 66 DLR 234) that established that a higher minimum shareholding was required for Directors of listed companies.