The Government of Bangladesh has formulated “One-Stop  Service (Bangladesh Investment Development Authority) Rules, 2020. These Rules will be applicable to all the services pertaining to investment. Under the Rules, Central One Stop Service Authority and Regional One Stop Service Centers will be constituted.  

Central One Stop Service Authority will have the following responsibilities:

  •  Formulating standard operating procedures to dispense services in accordance with One Stop Service method;
  • Consulting and assisting the applicants;
  • Providing necessary advice and directives to Regional One Stop Service Center and Focal Point;
  •  Determining. , controllling,  supervising and observing the activities of Regional One Stop Service Center;
  • Monitoring the progress of applications, and to take steps for unsettled applications;
  • Taking necessary steps to ensure due completion of the services;
  • Constituting the One Stop Service Observance Cell and determining its duties and responsibilities;

In order to provide One Stop Services to other places except BIDA Head Office, it will form Regional One Stop Service Center as well. The Regional One Stop Service Center will have more or less the same functions as the Central One Stop Service Authority.

Depending on necessities of the Central One Stop Service Authority or Regional One Stop Service Center, the concerned service provider, i.e. City Corporation or Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC) or any other licensing office will determine Focal Point. The functions of the Focal Point will be as follows:

  • Focal points will dispose of the applications within a fixed time.Focal points will initiate its activities based on affidavit of the applicants, despite having lack of information or documents. Provided that, after receiving the desired information or documents, disposing of that such applications will not exceed the period prescribed in the schedule.
    • After satisfaction, focal points will transmit the permission letter to the applicant through one-stop service portal or letter.
    • If any application is cancelled then the applicant will be able to reapply within 15 days for a review.

Central One Stop Service Authority will formulate and ensure availability of all the forms in regard to One Stop Service. It will also take necessary measures to update and exhibit all the information in a conspicious place.

  • Submission and processing of One Stop Service Facility Forms-
    • Every applicant will need to register first and then to log in into the One Stop Service Portal, to avail of the facilities. Provided that, if accessing the portal is not possible then the manual submission will be acceptable;
    • Relevant information, documents and fees (if any) should be submitted therewith the application;
    • Applicant should affirm that all the information is true and correct;
    • Before availing of any facility, the applicant should submit the fees of the same electronically and should mention regarding that deposition in the application form. Provided that, if electronic transfer is not feasible then fees should be submitted as per the recommendation of Central One Stop Service Authority or Regional One Stop Service Center;

Central One-Stop Service Authority or Regional One-Stop Service Center will be able to establish a One Stop Service help desk to dispense One Stop Service information and advice.

For the Schedule listing the services related to business along with the name of the service providers and the timeframes to receive the service, please download the full report below.