Mahbub & Company is considered to be one of the country’s leading law firms practicing administrative and public law. Judicial review of administrative decisions is one of the biggest areas of litigation at the moment as the number of businesses requiring licenses, permits, environmental clearances and “no-objection certificates” (NOCs) are growing at a galloping rate along with the booming economy. As more and more new and dynamic innovators are coming up to tap into the 160-million strong Bangladeshi market, the collection of different rules, regulations and by-laws of different departments of government are increasing too.

Mahbub & Company is a one-stop solution centre for any business requiring advice and support in relation to compliance with government rules and regulations and obtaining required permits, licenses, etc. With a vast experience of representing clients in the administrative tribunals, e.g. VAT Tribunal, Land Tribunal, Environment Tribunal, Mahbub & Company is able to ensure that the client’s interest is protected throughout the process.